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Verify offers a full spectrum of TAB services on projects ranging from commercial and industrial to government and institutional.
Our Services
What We Offer
Air Testing,
Adjusting & Balancing
Comprehensive testing and balancing of your air side HVAC systems and their relevant components in accordance with all applicable standards ensures optimum performance.
Hydronic Testing,
Adjusting & Balancing
Thorough hydronic side testing and balancing, often completed in parallel with the air side, confirms every aspect of your HVAC systems are achieving maximum efficiency.
Duct Leakage
Testing and review of ductwork helps locate and resolve potential sources of leakage resulting in higher construction quality and promoting more efficient ventilation systems.
Room Integrity &
Pressurization Testing
Leakage evaluation of pressure critical rooms is essential for quickly identifying and improving room integrity issues, and ultimately, to establish specified pressurization requirements.
Sound Testing
& Troubleshooting
General or targeted acoustic testing facilitates the determination of potential system concerns and can improve occupant comfort and productivity by minimizing areas of excessive sound volume.
Design & Construction
Documentation Reviews
Expert analysis and review of new or existing system design and construction documentation provides fundamental insight and exposes potential issues early so they can be corrected efficiently.
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Our Values
Core Principles
Collaboration &
Our clients deserve the highest standard of respect and customer service, and we deliver — as a dedicated extension of your team and culture.
Initiative &
Challenges don’t often resolve themselves — we pride ourselves on our ability to offer efficient and cost-effective solutions and on seeing them through every step of the way.
Integrity &
A mutual sense of trust, reliability and competency is fundamental to our relationship with our clients — we are committed to upholding these values in all aspects of our organization.
Our Process
The Perfect Balance
Step One
Preliminary Review
An expert review of design plans and specifications is a crucial first step in any project and can uncover possible concerns and obstacles long before field work even begins. The sooner we have the opportunity to become involved, the larger the potential benefits.
Step Two
Field Work
Once field work has begun, our knowledgeable technicians diligently and efficiently complete all requested services per the project specifications and applicable standards. We make your schedule our priority and work diligently to ensure your deadlines are achieved.
Step Three
Final Reporting
Exceptional communication and real time reporting are hallmarks of our unique procedure. Progress reports are available on demand and a comprehensive final report detailing all pertinent information is available immediately upon completion. Your information is always at your fingertips.
Step Four
Ongoing Support
Our support continues long past the end of your project. We are always available to answer your questions and field your concerns whether it be regarding TAB procedures in general, a specific past project or simply planning for your next one. We are here to assist.
Our Covid-19 Response
The world is not changing,
it has changed.
Over the past few decades, increased attention to climate change and its prevention coupled with the rising costs of energy have already promoted considerable development of, and renewed appreciation for, the field of testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB). Now, with the advent of COVID-19, the need for reliable, verified, operation of ventilation and other HVAC-related systems has never been higher.

Many existing HVAC systems, in particular, are under intensified scrutiny and these are often the most difficult to properly assess. It is critical that such systems are professionally evaluated by a qualified TAB firm to ensure any modifications made for pandemic safety, or any other reasons, do not create additional issues. Whether it be a small fresh air audit of a commercial tower, recommissioning of an existing school or a full scale pressurization conversion of a hospital exam room suite to airborne precautionary rooms, Verify is available to provide the experience and expert analysis required to fully support your project.
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